Theme: Childhood

Money box in the shape of a delivery van

A plastic model of a delivery van, with a money box slot on the roof.

Brass Boy Scout Compass

This is a modern reproduction of an American Boy Scout compass

Plastic school meal tray

Red Plastic tray for use in schools and care settings

Wind-up musical box

Novelty music box shaped like a radiogram

Mercedes Benz 500K Yellow Toy Car – 1936 model

This is a model car of the full-scale Mercedes Benz 500K.

Enid Blyton book - Noddy at the Seaside

Noddy at the Seaside

Book: Noddy at the Seaside by Enid Blyton

Children's microscope


Children's microscope.

Paddington Bear jigsaw puzzle

Paddington Bear jigsaw puzzle

54-piece cardboard puzzle featuring Paddington Bear character.

stacking rings toy

Stacking rings toy

A stacking ring toy aimed at very young children.

Vintage doll

Vintage Doll

Doll wearing blue patterned cotton and lace dress, white lace hat and white leather shoes.

Fisher Price Chatter Telephone toy

Fisher Price Chatter Telephone toy

The Chatter Telephone is an iconic toy and one of Fisher Price’s best-selling products.

Nursery Rhymes with Uncle Mac

Uncle Mac’s Nursery Rhymes Record

A record of children's nursery rhymes by 'Uncle Mac', a BBC children's presenter.

20th Century Football

A leather football from the 20th century, comprising 12 sections of leather stitched together.