Theme: Childhood

Candy Canes

The objects shown are examples of an edible confectionary called candy canes.

Child’s skipping rope

Child's skipping rope with wooden handles.

Wightman’s Arithmetical Tables

This booklet contained more information than just mathematical tables

Big Trill Adventurer’s Metal whistle

This is a metal whistle for children

Book: Prehistoric Animals by Dr Maurice Burton

A book for older children about dinosaurs and other pre-historic animals.

Starsky and Hutch Annual 1978

This annual features two American detectives who featured in a popular TV series.

Child’s Yo-Yo

This wooden Yo-Yo is for children

war time cookery book

Wartime Cookery Book

Wartime cookery book containing recipes based on ingredients available during food rationing

game of Jacks

Game of Jacks

Traditional game of jacks for one or more players comprising several jacks and a ball.

Bunty book

Bunty Book/Annual

The Bunty annual was first published by D.C. Thompson and Co for Christmas in 1960.

Child's first piano book

Child’s First Piano Book JIBBIDY-F and A-C-E

This first piano book is illustrated to help children/adults to learn to read, write and play music

Fisher-Price pull along dog toy

Pull along dog toy

A Fisher Price toy dog called Little Snoopy - with cord for pulling along.