Theme: Childhood

Model of Morris truck by Corgi

This model truck by Corgi carries the livery of Fosters lager


Original doll from the BBC TV children's series Playschool

Slide Rule

This slide rule was made by the Hemmi Bamboo Slide Rule Company Ltd. in Japan

Sum-it card game

The object is a Waddington's Sum-it card game for children

Metal Protractor

A metal protractor in a wooden storage case with lock

Toy Vintage Car

This is a Corgi Classic diecast model of a 1910 Daimler red open top car.

Toy soldiers

Toy soldiers for child (and adult) play depicting soldiers from different armies in various poses.

View-Master Stereoscopic Viewer

The View-Master featured here was made in the 1970s in the USA

Cloth Doll

A cloth doll wearing brightly coloured embroidery and lace clothing.


Slinky toy, first introduced in the 1940s