Theme: Childhood

Ladybird Book: Sounds and Pictures, Book 1

This is the first of six books in the Ladybird Sounds and Pictures series


Red and green tinsel decoration


This basket ball by Dunlop is a plaything, not a ball for serious matches

Cup and Ball Game

The object is a wooden game with a cup on a handle and a ball on a string

Spinning Top

A child’s metal spinning top decorated with a cowboy design.

The ABBA Annual 1979

This is the second Annual featuring the famous pop group ABBA

Knitting Doll

The object is a spool, or 'doll' used in French Knitting.

Red Bus Moneybox

This is a child's moneybox in the form of a red London bus.

Model 1927 Talbot Van

This model van was produced by the Lesney company under the Matchbox Brand

Model horse-drawn omnibus by Lledo

This model of a horse-drawn London omnibus was made by the Lledo company.

Model Morris Minor Van

This model van commemorates the 120th Anniversary of The Daily Echo