Items from the 1990s

model rowing boat

Toy replica rowing boat

Toy replica wooden rowing boat with two oars.

bicycle chain

Dyto Bicycle chain

A single speed replacement bicycle chain with the width and height dimensions of ½ x ⅛ inches

Bunty book

Bunty Book/Annual

The Bunty annual was first published by D.C. Thompson and Co for Christmas in 1960.

It's That Man Again 2 cassette tapes

I.T.M.A. 2 Cassette Tape Recording

I.T.M.A. - “It’s That Man Again” was a BBC radio comedy series that ran between 1939-1949.


White metal thimble

A needleworker's thimble in white metal, possibly silver.

Plastic school meal tray

Red Plastic tray for use in schools and care settings

Unigate milk bottle

Unigate milk bottle

1 pint glass milk bottle from Unigate with an advert for PG Tips teabags.

Sony Walkman

Sony Walkman

Sony Walkman WMBF 60 Cassette Player/Radio

novelty Victorian fireplace teapot

Novelty teapot

A small pottery teapot designed to look like a Victorian fireplace.